The financial and emotional impact of injuries can be devastating. Let us help you assert your rightful claim and ensure that you receive fair and just settlements. This can compensate you for your pain and suffering.

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Over 35 years of legal expertise

If you’re facing the ins and outs of the judicial system, look no further for a skilled negotiator and trial attorney. We'll provide legal guidance in determining when to go to court and how to present your case to achieve the best possible outcome.

Dedicated personal injury attorney

Rest assured that we will leave no stone unturned when representing your case. We are experienced in handling all phases of family law

and offer a multi-disciplinary approach to completely address your needs.

Experienced family law attorney

  • Admitted to the Washington State Bar (1977)

  • Served on the Pierce County Department of Assigned Counsel Advisory Board

  • Trustee with the Tacoma Pierce County Bar

  • Association (TPCBA)

  • Member of the Editorial Board of TPCBA

  • 2010 President of TPCBA

  • Admitted to practice in the State of

  • Washington and the US Federal Courts

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